The best way forward sometimes is to take a step back. We can work with you to offer new solutions - anything from a quick fix to a specific problem, to more medium or long-term strategies.

Over the course of time, as new systems are implemented or new messages emerge, recruitment processes change until they may no longer be the best you can have. So sometimes it's really useful to look at them from a fresh perspective, to review the whole candidate journey and check out its many touch points.

At Sparks we've developed a special process to carry out this review. It includes an in-depth audit of all the employee communication tools that you use, methodologies, systems, materials - the lot. It covers the full candidate lifecycle from attraction and recruitment to onboarding, career progression, exit and alumni.

From the audit results we can formulate short, medium and long-term strategies that get your messages and processes properly aligned and reflective of your wider brand positioning. All helping you source and retain top talent with the best return on investment.