Social Media

Managing your online reputation is massively important. Whether you want to have a proactive presence on social media or not, someone somewhere is probably writing about you. So it makes sense to control your external image and use a range of platforms to your advantage. We can help you manage your profiles on the most popular channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or we can train your team to. We are also well versed in how to get the most out of your Glassdoor profile and reviews. Social media never stands still and new options are appearing all the time, from Snapchat to seeding jobs into specific online groups, or employee referral and advocacy apps. As new products come on the market we take the time to review their effectiveness and their relevancy for the organisations we work with.

And if you’re not ready to have a fully managed social presence just yet, we can help you tap into the audience by advertising on the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn with traffic being driven back to specific jobs on your careers site or ATS.