At Sparks we're always curious. It's not enough to know what works. We want to know how, why, where and when it does.

Plenty of people will provide you with media research. After all, it's an integral part of proper campaign planning. But we go further. We offer in-depth candidate research including employee profiling, where we analyse your employee database to get a breakdown of your workforce demographics, often useful for diversity monitoring or to get an understanding of what type of people you employ. We can also produce socio-demographic reports showing the breakdown of an employee catchment area for existing sites or new locations you might be moving into, helping pre-empt any areas where candidate calibre may be a problem. Or you might want to know how far people on different pay levels are prepared to commute to work, or to simply get a better understanding of what your candidate journey looks like and where it could be improved.

Success is always about informed decisions. Whatever you need to know, we'll find out using bespoke research and focus groups to learn about your competitors, your public perception or whether your employer brand hits home.

On a broader scale we can commission industry specific salary surveys and competitor reports to ensure you're always one step ahead within your industry and can adapt to attract the very best talent.

Sparks Careers Research