Employer Branding

At Sparks, we know that successful Employer Branding delivers two distinct benefits:

  • The attraction of the best possible candidates
  • An employee experience so compelling that people don’t want to leave

We’re experts in Employer Branding. We don’t just come up with the creative work (although we’re rather good at that too), but get right under the skin of your company, to understand just what makes it tick and how your company’s brand reflects all the good things about your organisation.

From candidate journey to company culture, we use a thorough discovery process to identify your organisation’s unique strengths and the quick wins that can deliver tangible, positive results from the outset. Our discovery process also identifies new opportunities for sustained competitive advantage in the attraction and retention of great talent.

‘The way we do things round here’ can have a startling impact on the success of company strategies too. At Sparks, we know that retaining talent and an engaging company culture are joined at the hip (we have specific expertise in Culture, Behavioural Change and Business Process Engineering). So, while you may be focused on attracting the best possible talent, it’s good to know that Sparks can help you retain them too!

Successful businesses are built through the behaviours of a productive and engaged workforce, who embrace their company’s vision and the part they are expected to play in delivering it to customers, suppliers and stakeholders. Our Employer Brand Alignment Programme helps make sure that the inherent promise of your Employer Brand is mirrored by the behaviour and actions of your people. Consistently.

From researching and refining your Employer Brand positioning, creating communication strategies and the creative you'll need, through to assisting you in aligning your ‘Employer Brand promise’ with your business processes, Sparks can partner you along the whole journey.

Employer Branding. We’re brilliant at it.